Vitafusion Fiber Gummies

Vitafusion Fiber Gummies.  Pic source:

Vitafusion Fiber Gummies. Pic source:

Warning: If you’re uncomfortable with “bodily issues” then this is definitely not the post for you.  I shall try to be as tactual as possible, but there’s just no getting around some issues when it comes to talking about fiber.

Through no particular fault of my own, my physical body has been in its mid-forties since puberty.  My colon, over-achiever that it is (or perhaps I should say under-achiever), decided toward the end of 2011 that “that’s not good enough!” and has henceforth been in its late-fifties to early-sixties.  What I’m trying to say is, in no uncertain terms, it doesn’t work like it used to.  Which was never very great shakes to begin with.

My doctor told me I needed to be on fiber supplements, possibly forever.  Being the contrary sort that I am, I went elsewhere for a second opinion… and was told the exact same thing.  (Dang it!)

Finding a fiber supplement without soy in it (I’m allergic) proved fairly difficult.  I eventually narrowed it down to Benefiber powder and Vitafusion’s gummies.

Benefiber proved to be much too powerful.  I was in considerable pain after taking it, even at half doses.  A good friend with IBS confessed that she had had similar problems with Benefiber, but only after they had changed their fiber source (which apparently was only a few years ago).  To its credit, the Benefiber powder was as flavorless at it promised.  It was non-thickening and virtually went unnoticed…until the horrible cramping minutes later.  I’m not going to knock it just because my stupid body couldn’t handle it.  If your choices for fiber supplements are as limited as mine were (no sugar, no soy…), then you might want to give it a shot.

That being said, I LOVE Vitafusion Fiber Gummies. 

Let’s get a few things out of the way right off the bat:  Contrary to popular belief, these are not vitamins—although Vitafusion does have a line of gummy vitamins if you want them. These babies are purely fiber supplements, nothing more.  It is also unwise to take, as one Amazon reviewer did, more than the recommended dosage!  They may not look or taste like they’re doing anything, but they will, trust me.

If used correctly, these gummies can do wonders.  They’ve certainly changed my life for the better over the last few months.  I adore them.



  • They work.  If you have trouble “going,” then these should help.
  • I’ve lost 5 pounds.  Fiber isn’t just for, well, poop-related issues.  It also helps to clean your system in other ways!  Just remember: Don’t abuse this!  Take the correct dosage!
  • They taste pretty good.  I expected these to taste awful, but they’re actually not so bad.  And they’re not too gummy, making them easy to chew.
  • They’re fairly inexpensive.  Vitafusion Fiber Gummies tend to be around $15 for a bottle of 90 gummies.  That’s 45 days worth, or roughly a month and a half of servings.  Not too bad.  I usually get mine at CVS.  But keep an eye out for them at Target because sometimes they put them on sale for really cheap rates!



  • Not recommended to buy online.  This is a product you’ll most likely want to go to an actual store for.  The gummies tend to melt together into one giant gummy BRICK if not stored properly…and it’s too hard to control the mail/weather.
  • Aftertaste.  Vitafusion Fiber Gummies do have a bit of an aftertaste that some people find icky.  I don’t enjoy the aftertaste, but it doesn’t bother me personally.  It goes away quickly and isn’t that unpleasant.  Some people are just babies.  It only looks like candy, it isn’t actually candy!  Sheesh.  Still, I thought it was worth mentioning.


Again, these are what work for me.  And hopefully they will for you as well.  I’ve shared my fiber gummies with a couple friends (mostly older pals and one my own age with a similar colon condition).  Most have had good luck, but one found them “too strong” and had to take them “at half a dose and only once in a while when really needed.”  But, if you’re someone looking for a fiber supplement and don’t know where to start: TRY THESE!  I think you’ll like them.

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